What Sets Us Apart

It’s said that home is where the heart is. For us, homebuilding is where our hearts have been for over 20 years.

Our roots were planted in the 1950s with the establishment of W.S. Carnes, a respected builder of custom homes in Richmond. John joined his father in the family business after college, learning the skills and developing a passion for fine craftsmanship and solid construction. Most importantly, he learned there are no shortcuts to creating a home that will serve generations.

Since 2006, John and Wyndi Carnes have been continuing this tradition of quality, custom building as Carnes Home Builders, leveraging their nearly 60 years of combined experience.

Understanding that the decision to renovate or build represents a substantial commitment of time and resources from the homeowner, we seek to make the experience as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.

We work with the best subcontractors and artisans in the Richmond homebuilding industry to ensure every detail of your project is up to the highest standards.

Specializing in Creative, Custom Renovations and Builds

There are many builders in the Richmond market, but few with the expertise to restore homes with significant age back to their former glory or to reimagine them for a new generation. Have a custom set of plans? We have built homes from the ground up for many of our clients.

We’d love to learn more about how we can help realize your unique vision for your home.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

John W. Carnes

President/Class A Licensed Contractor

Having spent his entire 30-year career in homebuilding, John has hands-on experience in every aspect of the job—from excavation to foundations and carpentry. John knows what it takes to get the job done on time, on budget, and beyond the homeowner’s expectations.

Wyndi Carnes

Home Design Consultant

Wyndi's ability to manage multiple moving parts and client relationships ensure a smoother, more enjoyable experience from start to finish. As part of our in-house design team, Wyndi also plays a major role in helping guide clients through the decision-making process and toward their overall vision.

Blaine McDermott

Interior Designer

With experience ranging from commercial to residential, classic luxury to modern style, Blaine plays a vital role in helping clients articulate a vision for their home and seeing that design through the build all the way to the smallest detail.

Working with Carnes Home Builders

A Better Way to Build

Our process is designed to minimize the stress associated with a home renovation, to increase transparency and communication, and, most importantly, to ensure you get the result you’ve envisioned. You determine your level of involvement—depending on your preferences, it can be completely turnkey, or we can involve you in every step.

Planning Your Vision

It all starts with a conversation about your goals for the project. Often this session includes the architect, the designer, and subcontractors. Once we have the details, we draw out a plan for your project—on paper—and create schedules so you know what to anticipate during the process.

Detailed Estimate

It’s important to us to ensure you can easily see where the money is being spent. By clearly documenting project costs in a detailed estimate, we can help prioritize expenditures to maximize the return on your investment and allow you to source materials that meet your vision while staying within budget.

Each month we provide copies of all the invoices from subcontractors and vendors associated with your job, so you know how your money is being spent at every step.

Building Smarter with Technology

We proactively use design sites like Pinterest and Houzz to help you communicate your design preferences, while also employing project management software to keep you as informed as you would like to be keeping your job moving efficiently.

The Value of In-House Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, most builders merely provide their clients with a “preferred list of vendors.” For many, this adds a layer of decision making to an already complex process. What’s more, it creates a divide in the overall unity of the project and vision.

Carnes Home Builders provides in-house interior design services for increased collaboration among the team, greater convenience for our clients, and cost efficiencies.

Beyond hard surface and fixture selection, our on-staff design team has the expertise to co-create the client’s dream space. From paint selections to fabrics to furniture, while keeping the big picture of the project in mind, we deliver a cohesive space that fits the lifestyle of each individual client.

Our in-house interior design services are just another way Carnes Home Builders is committed to making the homebuilding and renovation as enjoyable as possible.